Query Letter Example: Crime Novel

Dear —

Illegal gambling is thriving in the small town of Parsons, New York, and nineteen year-old Jamie Elders is a poker savant with dreams of going pro. She believes she’s different than her family of cons and thieves—and that she won’t get caught like her mother, now in prison.

But when the Department of Justice shuts down U.S. poker sites, Jamie loses her bankroll. Forced to work in her uncle’s illegal gambling operation, Jamie sinks deeper into criminal activity and betrayal. When her mother returns from prison and her brother is framed for murder, Jamie must confront long buried secrets that challenge everything she wants to believe about herself.

THE GIRL FROM BLIND RIVER is a crime novel complete at 78,000 words. In 2017 I received the Standiford Fellowship in Fiction at Eckerd College’s Writers in Paradise. In 2016 I was a contributor at the Sewanee Writers Conference. My stories have appeared in the Tampa Bay Times, the St. Petersburg Times, Sabal, Seven Hills Review, and Connotation Press. “High Point” recently appeared in Walking the Edge: A Southern Gothic Anthology.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gale Massey