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At the tender age of twenty-two, Lorelie Walker is running out of ways to reinvent herself.

After an Ivy League scholarship catapulted her from an impoverished background into a different social strata, she finds her marriage of one year in shambles and her brilliant career cut short. When her pothead younger brother, Rowan, disappears, she’s forced to travel back to West Virginia where she confronts her strange and estranged kinfolk, including a mother who tried to kill her in her sleep,

Rowan, on a westward journey to end to his life, unwittingly follows the tragic destiny of a long ago relative. But history repeats itself only so far when he meets comic-tragic results and garners national headlines (West Virginia Man Aims for Grand Canyon and Misses). Ultimately, both Lorelie and Rowan find their way back to family and the serenity of the mountains, each discovering that necessity is the mother of self-reinvention.

A work of upmarket women’s fiction, THE SPRING HOUSE (80,000 words) is both a family saga and a love story: it’s about growing up and moving on, class consciousness, and how ancestral longings can stay alive through generations, affecting our lives in beautiful and mysterious ways.

My short story collection, Ladies in Low Places, received a positive review from Kirkus: “(A) healthy dose of Southern humor and style…told with a fresh, sensitive voice…”, was selected Best Books of 2016 from Blue Ink and Chanticleer reviews, and was a featured book with the largest book club in the country, The Pulpwood Queens.

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Mary Ann Henry

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