The Business of Being a Writer: Table of Contents

The Business of Being a Writer by Jane FriedmanIntroduction

Part One: First Steps
1. Can You Make a Living as a Writer?
2. The Art of Career Building
3. Generating Leads, Gaining Exposure
4. Pursuing an MFA or Other Graduate Degree

Part Two: Understanding the Publishing Industry
5. Trade Book Publishing
6. Magazine Publishing
7. Online and Digital Media
8. Literary Publishing in the Twenty-First Century

Part Three: Getting Published
9. Book Publishing: Figuring Out Where Your Book Fits
10. Understanding Literary Agents
11. Researching Agents and Publishers
12. Book Queries and Synopses
13. The Nonfiction Book Proposal
14. Working with Your Publisher
15. Self-Publishing
16. Publishing Short Stories, Personal Essays, or Poetry
17. Traditional Freelance Writing
18. Online Writing and Blogging

Part Four: The Writer as Entrepreneur
19. Author Platform
20. Your Online Presence: Websites, Social Media, and More
21. Turning Attention into Sales
22. The Basics of Book Launches

Part Five: How Writers Make Money
23. Starting a Freelance Career
24. Freelance Editing and Related Services
25. Teaching and Online Education
26. Contests, Prizes, Grants, Fellowships
27. Crowdfunding and Donations
28. Memberships, Subscriptions, and Paywalls
29. Advertising and Affiliate Income
30. Pursuing a Publishing Career
31. Corporate Media Careers

Appendix 1: Contracts 101
Appendix 2: Legal Issues
Appendix 3: Recommended Resources

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